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Ukraine – Zhvania stated he financed the Maidan and bribes to help Poroshenko become President

The politician, businessman and former ally of Petro Poroshenko, David Zhvania, admitted publicly in a video that he was part of the group of criminals who financed the Maidan protests in Ukraine, and that he participated in a 5 millions euro bribe to a European official, to obtain his support for the election of Poroshenko as President. He also said he is ready to testify on all this.

A criminal group of oligarchs financed the Maidan to take the power in Ukraine

In his video, David Zhvania explained why he decided to tell the truth about the Maidan and the election of Poroshenko as President of Ukraine. From his point of view, the former Ukrainian President wants to take advantage of the falling rating of Vladimir Zelensky, to take the power back.

“There is a creeping revenge in the country – Zelensky’s rating is falling, and Poroshenko and his entourage are rushing to power again. I can’t look at it calmly, so I decided to give this press conference. Warn Ukrainian citizens not to make this mistake. Tell everyone who Poroshenko and his entourage are. It is a criminal group that from the very beginning participated in the Maidan solely for the sake of seizing power and personal enrichment”, Zhvania said.

The politician then explained that after the Maidan in 2014, an organised criminal group came to power. A criminal group of which he was himself a member!

Zhvania explains in this video how he funded the Maidan protests and disrupted any options for agreements with the government, which could have avoided the escalation and the coup.

“I was also a member of the organised criminal group, which seized power in 2014 on a wave of popular protests. We financed Maidan, we heated up protest moods in the mass media, disrupted peaceful initiatives of the government, held separate negotiations with Party of Regions MPs and held talks with foreign embassies. The organised criminal group included Martynenko, Poroshenko, Turchynov, Yatsenyuk and Klitschko. Each of them included its own faction. Turchynov, for example, brought Pashinskyi and Parubiy,” Zhvania said.

Zhvania participated in the payment of a bribe to obtain support of European official for Poroshenko

Once the Maidan coup was done, the victory was still not completely in the hands of this criminal group of oligarchs. The next step was to make Poroshenko being elected as President of Ukraine, and for this they paid a bribe of 5 millions euros to a senior European official. This corruption scheme involved not only Zhvania, but also Pavel Klimkin, the future Ukrainian Foreign Minister!

“Directly Klimkin and I participated in the transfer of 5 million euros through the Ukrainian embassy in Germany for one of the then senior European officials to ensure EU support for Poroshenko as a candidate for the presidency of Ukraine. The circumstances of this are ready to be provided to the investigating authorities,” said the former deputy.

In fact, Poroshenko became president as a result of oligarchs’ consensus and grouped financial help. A debt that Poroshenko managed to pay back in most cases, said his former ally.

Poroshenko earned more than 3 billion dollars during his presidency through corruption

Zhvania not only exposed the criminal means through which Poroshenko came to power in Ukraine in 2014, he also calculated how much he earned during his presidency through corruption.

“During his term in office, Poroshenko received about $3 billion 400 million through corruption. This money has been taken off-shore”, Zhvania declared.

Indeed, in April 2019, he filed a lawsuit against the former leaders, despite pressures from Poroshenko and Turchynov, who were afraid they would have to pay for their crimes. Zhvania even explained that they were so frightened that they planned to flee Ukraine! He provided a list of 180 people which should be investigated as part of this organised criminal group which led the coup, and helped Poroshenko take the power.

And after Zelensky became President, Zhvania hoped that he “would have enough political will to bring Poroshenko and his entourage to an end”. But for the moment this hope is still a dream, and Poroshenko is free despite the more than fifteen criminal cases opened against him.

“Poroshenko today, on the eve of local elections, may try to run for mayor. Before the Maidan it was his dream – he humiliatingly asked Yanukovych for the right to run for mayor of Kiev, was ready to pay a bribe for it. Yanukovych did not allow it, and Poroshenko did not dare to disobey,” said David Zhvania.

The former MP promised to make new revelations every week. And I think the information he will publish can be as interesting as the ones published recently by the MP Andrey Derkach, about how international corruption flourished under Poroshenko’s presidency, and the fact that Ukraine became a terrorist state.

This testimony from David Zhvania shed light on the reality of the Maidan and the election of Poroshenko as President of Ukraine, both due to the financial support and bribes provided by a group of oligarchs who wanted to take the power and obtain through it more money than they already had. Little by little, the fairy tale of the “Revolution of Dignity” is falling into the abyss of its own lies.

Christelle Néant

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