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The Bezler phone tape published by the SBU had nothing to do with MH17

On 10 August 2020, the famous Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shary, published a video containing the full phone tape of Igor Bezler, from which a part was provided by the SBU (Ukraine’s secret service) as an evidence to the investigation team and the Dutch justice in the MH17 case. The whole recording proves that the SBU tried to deceive the Dutch justice and the investigation team by cutting elements of context, and lying on the date of the discussion.

The SBU edited the Bezler phone tape to make people believe he was talking about MH17

The authenticity of the phone tapes provided by the SBU is put into question since a long time. Audio analyses done by an expert on two of these phone tapes published on YouTube have already shown that there is evidence they were tampered with.

And the phone tape concerning the involvement of Igor Bezler (nickname “Bes”) in the MH17 was one of the most evidently falsified ones. It begins with the end of a sentence (“I understood, damn”), which shows that the recording was not the full one, but just a piece of it. The risk to have an extract put out of context was then very high. And that’s exactly what happened.

Here is the discussion we can hear in this SBU extract:

– … I understood, damn.
– We just shot down a plane. The group of “Miner”. It fell behind Enakievo. I went…
– Pilots? Where are the pilots?
– We went to look for and photograph the downed plane. It smokes…
– How many minutes ago?
– Well, about 30 minutes ago.

The SBU published this phone tape as a “proof” that Bezler admitted they shot down the MH17 (even if they never mention it was a Boeing, or a passenger plane, the “context” is given exclusively by the assertion of the security service of Ukraine, a country which is a potential culprit).

But there were quickly several problems. The location where the plane mentioned fell (near Enakievo) was absolutely not the one where the MH17 fell (the area near Grabovo), as you can see in the map below.

Map of the area

On the contrary, the location indicated by Bezler in this phone tape was corresponding to another plane, a military one, shot down by the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) militia, one month before!

Both agencies Interfax and TASS reported on 17 June 2014, that the DPR people’s militia claimed having shot down a SU-25 while he was attacking Golmovsky. This village is on the periphery of Gorlovka, at a few kilometres from Enakievo.

The other strange point is the question about the pilots. You search for pilots only in the case of a military plane, not a civilian one, because there is no ejection seat in a passenger plane!

And when you hear the full phone tape, you understand the whole picture.

Watch the whole video of Anatoly Shary subtitled in English:

Here is the full discussion about the shot down plane:

– Yes, Vasily Nikolaevich?
– Igor, tell me, well, what is there, is it decided for this 200 [dead soldier] ?
– Yes, they are bringing him to Crimea, everything is fine.
– Oh … Well, I just understood, damn.
– We just shot down a plane. The group of “Miner”. It fell behind Enakievo. I went…

– Pilots? Where are the pilots?
– We went to look for and photograph the downed plane. It smokes…
– How many minutes ago?
– Well, about 30 minutes ago.
– About half an hour ago, right? Which kind? Sukhoi again?
– Yes, Sukhoi.

The SBU suppressed all the parts which could help understand what Bezler was really talking about, and that it has absolutely no relation to the MH17 crash. Bezler and the man with whom he speaks mention clearly it’s a Sukhoi (a military aircraft) which was shot down. Like in the event mentioned by Interfax and TASS on 17 June 2014! One month before the MH17 crash! Which means that the SBU falsified the date of the recording in addition to cut essential parts.

In this full phone tape, you can clearly hear the piece of sentence which is at the very beginning of the SBU extract provided as evidence in the MH17 case: “I just understood, damn”. The presence of this sentence seems to indicate the file received by Anatoly Shary is the one from which the SBU “evidence” is extracted.

The two audio files (the full one published by Shary and the one published by SBU) were compared by Michael Kobs (a researcher who investigate the MH17 case, and already produced or participated to several reports on it, like “Haunt the BUK”), with audio analysis software. And this comparison shows that the two files share the same level of noise, and the same audio profile. Which means that there are great chances the SBU file was extracted from the very same file published by Shary.

Audio analysis

Shary’s file is shown on the top, the SBU one at the bottom

Comparison of the beginning of the extract
Same position in the full recording
End of the SBU version
Same position in the Shary's audio

Moreover, the facts available in this full phone tape correspond to the events of June 2014, and are corroborated by the testimony given by Bezler to the investigation team and to the Dutch court in charge of the MH17 case. Testimony of which a part is also provided by Anatoly Shary.

And last but not least, another phone tape presented by the Dutch court on 8 June 2020 confirm the facts on which Bezler testified:

In this phone tape dated 16 June 2014, Dubinsky announced that “Bes downed a Sushka” (“Bezler downed a Sukhoi” in clear) in Gorlovka in the evening, and that the “pilot ejected” and “is being searched for”. It is exactly what the full phone tape with Bezler is talking about! This discussion involving Bezler had nothing to do with the MH17, the SBU knew it and edited the phone tape to deceive the investigation team and the Dutch court.

Expertise of the investigation team, the Dutch court and Bellingcat put into question

The information published by Anatoly Shary not only put into question the reliability of the evidence provided by the SBU in the MH17 case. Once again, it is the whole investigation which is put into question.

Because, I remind it is not the first forgery to be proved in this very sensitive case. The JIT published as “proof” a discussion from a fake VK account, Vladimir Tsemakh was kidnapped by the SBU and presented as a key suspect after one of his swear words in an interview was conveniently “misinterpreted” as the word “BUK”, and testimonies of several witnesses were deformed or completely falsified by western media (watch the documentaries from Bonanza Media).

Moreover, Bellingcat scammed a witness who saw fighter jets to discredit him, the US refuse to provide the satellite pictures they claimed having, the Russian data about the fact that the missile pieces shown by the JIT belong to a Ukrainian army unit as been put aside by the court without any real analysis of the documents by the investigation team (they never came to Russia to verify the documents on site), the data of the full scale experiment of Almaz Antey was not included in the file, there are a lot of discrepancies between the official version, and what should be if it was true, and most of the witnesses are anonymous (even when the witness in question is Eliot Higgings, from… Bellingcat – indeed, I would like to know why a “couch expert” is accepted as a witness in this case, while the representative of the Russian ministry of Defence is refused by the court) which makes it impossible to check their testimonies.

When you have all of this in mind, and you look the video of Anatoly Shary till the end, you really wonder which are the competencies of both Bellingcat, the investigation team and the Dutch court in the MH17 case!

Because in the recording of Bezler testimony to the investigators, you can hear one of them admitting that he does not know well Ukraine’s geography, perhaps as an excuse to the fact they did not immediately realize that a plane which fell near Enakievo, could not be the MH17 which fell much further to the east!

Explain to me which are the competencies of the investigators, if they don’t  know the geography of the crash area after three years of investigation! Explain me, how these people can assert, like in the court hearing of 8 June 2020, or in the article published by Bellingcat about Bezler, that the reliability of the phone tapes was checked by experts or by crossing the information with other elements, when they are not even able to check the location of the crash?

Screenshot from Bellingcat site

Bellingcat claimed in this article that there were a lot of other sources confirming the authenticity of the published phone tapes

Which kind of experts can state that phone tapes are reliable when a part of the conversation is obviously missing (i.e. the little part of sentence you can hear at the beginning of the Bezler phone tape presented by the SBU)?

How could Dutch Prosecutor claim on 10 March 2020, that “the complete intercepted conversations that are contained in the case file” “have been thoroughly investigated” and still take evidence provided by the SBU as proof? If the Dutch Prosecutors really investigated the complete phone tapes, they would have seen the falsification of evidence, and not base their case file mainly on what the SBU provided.

And as I already said in a previous article, with which elements did they “confirm” the phone tapes were genuine? If you use falsified evidence to confirm the reliability of another falsified evidence, which was forged in such a way to confirm the other forgeries, it is absolutely not a proof this element is genuine.

If I edit a phone tape to make you say you hate blacks, and I do a photomontage of you with a sign saying “I hate blacks”, does all of this prove you are a racist? No it just proves I aligned my forgeries in order for each of them to confirm the other.

And the full phone tape of Bezler published by Shary indicates that the SBU provided falsified “evidence” about the MH17 crash to the investigation team and to the Dutch justice. And neither the “great” couch experts of Bellingcat, nor the JIT and its professional experts saw it was forged. Not to mention the investigators who don’t even know where is which locality of the crash area.

The fact that Bezler, which was presented by Bellingcat as an important witness in the MH17 case, was excluded by the Dutch court from the suspects list after they discovered they were screwed by the SBU, show that the “experts” of Bellingcat have absolutely no competency to investigate such a sensitive case.

None of them saw the discrepancies between the location of the crash mentioned by Bezler and the one of the MH17 crash. None of them understood that the little part of sentence present at the beginning of the extract published by the SBU could indicate important information about context is missing. None of them checked if the discussion could be about another crash, about a downed military plane.

Bellingcat, like the JIT and the Dutch court, has only one scenario and all the “evidence” has to stick to it. All the discrepancies and facts which do not fit in the scenario are put aside without any serious verification, and you believe you see what you want to see. That is how you build a bogus investigation, which leads to a kangaroo trial.

The publication of the full phone tape of Bezler proves that the official investigation was completely flawed, based on SBU fakes and forgeries, that the experts have not the competencies to assess the authenticity of evidence, and that the court in charge of the MH17 case should immediately stop the hearings and restart the investigation from scratch with a really unbiased team of really competent people.

Christelle Néant


  1. Mark McCarty Mark McCarty August 17, 2020

    I have checked this analysis against Wikipedia’s compilation of all Ukrainian military planes shot down by Donbass rebels, which was kindly forwarded to me by MH17 researcher Max van der Werff.

    it appears that Bezler was involved in the shootdown on June 14th of a SU-25 (or 24?) that had just attacked a police station in Gorkova (which the rebels used as a headquarters) with cluster munitions. This may be the first report of the episode: Gorkova is very close to Enakievo, where Bezler noted the jet had gone down. This appears to have been the first Sukhoi shot down by the Donbass rebels.

    Prior to July 17, the rebels shot down two other SU-25s, but the locations of these shoot downs (in Yampil and Amrosiivaka) were far from both Gorkova/Enakievo and the MH17 crash site. So it appears that author Christelle Neant has correctly pinpointed the episode that Bezler was referring to in the SBU-truncated tape.

    I have commented on some implications of this important revelation here:

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