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Syria — Sanctions destroy life of ordinary people

Pierre Le Corf is a French humanitarian who went to Syria to help the civilian population, victims of the war ravaging the country and sanctions which are hurting the civilian population.

Collecting and transmitting civilian testimonies on what is really happening in Syria, and on what the “moderate rebels” or White Helmets are in reality, Pierre Le Corf has become the discordant French-speaking voice amidst the French media’s propaganda on the Syrian war.

After new sanctions were taken against Syria, Pierre collected several testimonies amongst ordinary people to show that it is the civilians who pay the price of these sanctions and not the Syrian government. We publish here the texts he wrote and the video he made about sanctions taken against Syria.

The sanctions are killing slowly, one would almost come to regret the bombs in comparison. Prices have been multiplied by 500%. I had an utopian diplomatic mission with several other actors to try (perhaps in a vacuum but it is worth fighting) in front of the English parliament and in France to raise awareness on the humanitarian importance of lifting the sanctions that are directly eating the flesh of the people here, sanctions pretending to punish the Syrian government … then POUF, no more borders with the virus. Here we are a little at the bottom of the hole which is widening day by day.

Failing to have been able to completely suffocate the country, in order to do things well, it was also necessary to blacklist the main border country, Lebanon, which is just beginning to implode. The USA, which is issuing the new “Caesar” sanctions package, going as far as putting in prison, for example, any US citizen who wants to trade with anyone in Syria (…) Divide and conquer.

Beyond money, people have hope on the edge. Many people have not tasted meat for weeks if not months, even if you have a little money you hesitate to buy a coffee on the street. Let’s be clear, it’s a war weapon against the Syrians, against every civilian, against Syria to turn the population, who does not really understand what is happening after 10 years of war, against the government.

The Syrian government pays more than 10,000,000 dollars a day (and again this was before the inflation of the last few months) to counter inflation due to the total confinement of the country on itself by the purely criminal sanctions which are targeting the industrial, food, medical, (…) industry to allow people to have the minimum by paying only the minimum price for the most basic needs. The medical, the schools etc. are still free. Many Syrians spit on the country, crying out for neglect and comparing the rhythm of life of this or that son’s son in government compared to the current situation … there have always been wealthy people, poor, corrupted, honest, nothing has changed but this is not the question right now.

No gas for people who are basically freezing? People do not understand that boats are prohibited by the Occident from delivering petrol, gas, etc, to Syria. No foreign drugs, molecules essential to the treatment of congenital diseases, cancers, people dying in their bed, etc? War embargo on medical supplies supposedly because it could also be for military use. No export for people trying to run their businesses or factories? Prohibition to export Syrian goods to Europe. Small closed businesses, bankruptcies, etc? 10 years of war and embargo on international tourism … I can go on like this for hours, is the government perfect? No, like any government, … but they are fighting to try to counter daily Western poison and help its people. The Syrians must remain united and understand that the enemy is elsewhere, invisible, it is a white-collar war, from a distance. It’s also just war as nobody should forget.

Here’s a little piece of history, a little bit of a window on the lives of those who go through war and face everyday life under the weight of sanctions. I have collected hours and hours of testimonies from people who are erased, forgotten. I ask you nothing except to take the time to listen, to open your hearts, to share their messages because these testimonies are essential.

Do you know what is important in this video ? It is that it is not really about the war. It is not really about the terrorist bombings. It is not really about the sanctions. It is about something which is far more important. It is about people, just like you and me.

I have been working with these people for years. This video is basically just jumping from home to another to et people express what they feel, what they are passing through. To deliver their messages.

Can we change the world? Can we stop the war? Can we stop the sanctions? I don’t know… I believe that to make a difference, you need to start by the start, and to start you need to make sense. To be able to help somebody, you need to know him.

I believe that the first step for you will be to just listen, to understand who are the Syrians who are living in this country. What they are living, what they are passing through. Just to look through their eyes, through their smiles, through their tears.

You might recognise somebody you care about, you might recognise somebody that you love. It is not that complicated. These people have actually been forgotten. They have been erased from the story.

So all I can say is that this video is just a window. Just open your hearts. Just listen, just look, they are here. Just do not forget.

Watch the video with English subtitles (first line):

I know that everyone has enough to manage in their life, especially after the “de-containment”. The war is far from you, it all goes over your head, and then summer is here, the sun, life that resumes despite everything … but try not to forget. Keep an eye on what’s going on, despite the bombs and everything that goes with it, nothing destroys people more than sanctions and what comes with it

Pierre Le Corf

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