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Ukrainian symbols found on members of a paramilitary group arrested in Belarus

While Alexander Lukashenko met Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Belarus announced the arrest of six members of a paramilitary group training in the forest in the Mogilev region, some of whom were carrying Ukrainian symbols and flags on their uniforms. This is further proof of Ukraine’s involvement in the attempt to destabilise Belarus.

After the multiple proofs of the involvement of the SBU, and even of certain CIA agents based in Ukraine in the arrest of 33 Russians in Belarus at the end of July 2020, new information confirms Kiev’s participation in the destabilisation of the situation in Minsk after the presidential elections.

Indeed, after the arrest in August in Belarus of people carrying card holders bearing the SBU logo and containing business cards bearing the effigy of Stepan Bandera, new facts confirm the words of Dmitro Yarosh, the former head of the Right Sector (a Ukrainian neo-Nazi organisation), on the fact that the Ukrainian neo-Nazis trained the Belarusian neo-Nazis to lead a colour revolution against Lukashenko.

On 14 September 2020, Olga Chemodanova, Press Secretary of the Belarusian Ministry of the Interior, announced on her Telegram channel the arrest of six members of a paramilitary group that was training in the forest near Mogilev.

A unit of the Main Directorate for the Fight against Organised Crime and Corruption of the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested six members of the group nicknamed “Mogilev Partisans” while they were training in the forest.

This group was well organised and used social networks to disseminate information about its training and activities, as can be seen at the beginning of the Ministry of the Interior video.

Members of the group gathered in an abandoned building in the forest near Mogilev to train in urban combat tactics, storming a building, and fighting in the forest.

Of the 64 members of this group “Mogilev’s Partisans”, six, aged 16 to 22, were arrested while they were training. The famous white and red flag flown by the Belarusian opposition was found on them, as well as uniforms bearing the Pahonia (a historical symbol of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the time it included Belarus), but also Ukrainian symbols, as can be seen on this screenshot from the Interior Ministry’s video.

In addition to balaclavas, bullet-proof vests, airsoft and pneumatic weapons, knives and radio stations, the Belarusian officers who carried out the arrest discovered the remains of an improvised incendiary device.

According to Belarus, members of this group have built and tested several “home-made” incendiary devices. Yet the throwing of improvised incendiary devices (Molotov cocktails) at the law-enforcement forces is a technique which was used by those who were demonstrating on the Maidan and then carried out the coup in Ukraine. Many members of the Berkut (Ukrainian riot police) were burned by such incendiary devices thrown by demonstrators during the Maidan revolution.

Between the Ukrainian symbols on the members of the group arrested on 13 September, and the fact that they were training to apply the same techniques that were used to carry out the coup in Ukraine, shows that the latter is involved in the attempt to overthrow Lukashenko in Belarus.

According to Belarus, several of the members arrested on the spot are neo-Nazis, which seems to confirm Yarosh’s statement that the Ukrainian neo-Nazis trained their Belarusian counterparts to organise a colour revolution.

Four of the six people arrested are still in detention and a criminal investigation has been opened against them. Belarusian investigators are now looking for the other members of the group who were not in the forest on the day of the raid.

In any case, it is going to be increasingly difficult for Ukraine to make Belarus believe that it had nothing to do with the multiple attempts to destabilise the situation, between the failed SBU and CIA operation, Yarosh’s confessions, and the people arrested with Ukrainian symbols on them as they were training to carry out a Maidan-style coup d’état. Kiev’s usual excuse of “FSB provocation” may not be enough to get this snake swallowed.

Christelle Néant

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